Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning uses an abrasive material to be impacted directly on the surface with high force, enabling to clean the surface of any oxidation residue, dirt or any strong form of unwanted materials. And when it comes to Blast Cleaning, both the surface preparation and the last cleaning system are crucial entities to be analyzed and devised.

Every surface is different and the approach is different too. The kind of abrasive material used, the force of the blast and the mechanics involved are variable factors. We understand this at the Impact Glass Beading and come up with tailor-made blasting solutions. Be it uncommon surfaces like the inner part of Industrial tanks or open surfaces like walls and furnaces, our experienced staff have the right experience to clean it perfectly.

Comparatively the amount of disposal is high in blast cleaning since it is usually implied in industrial areas where a high amount of cleaning is done, but the synchronized processes at Impact Glass Beading has everything mapped from the start leaving only a short maintenance time.

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