Chemical Stripping

Chemical stripping is meant to eliminate all traces of a coating, revealing the substrate beneath. It penetrates and softens the existing layer of coating, the bond between the coating and the substrate is broken resulting in the swelling and hence the coating separates from the substrate. The coating that is loosened is easily removed by mechanical aids.

Chemical strippers are corrosives or solvents or a combination of corrosives and solvents. At high temperatures of 100 degree Celsius corrosive stripers are used, whereas at room temperature or cool temperature, solvent stripers are used.

Earlier, chemical stripers could remove any kind of coating easily for there were only alkyd enamels on the surface. But today, layers of epoxy, polyester, vinyl, acrylic and more are used in the finishing. These are highly durable coatings and are difficult to break through because of their chemical resistance. To surpass this, specific combination of corrosives and solvents are smartly used to penetrate through and separate the coatings. Also, one has to remember that there are precise Government regulations too for the usage of chemical stripers on the account of the environmental safety.

Taking into factor all these considerations, this is where Impact Glass Beading proves to be a reliable partner. With years of experience in chemical stripping, we know what it takes to makes sure your coating is removed at the minimal time and maximum environmental safety standards. Reach out to us for a consultation.

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