Glass Beading

Glass bead blasting uses small spherical acrylic beads to remove the different types of surface imperfections like rust, burrs, paint removal, etc. In this method, small round beads of glass are propelled by air through specially designed nozzles over the material surface. The glass bead blasting leaves a semi-polished, matte finished metal surface. Also it does not create any dimensional change too. Comparing the other means, this blasting process has a lot of benefits as follows:

  • Glass bead blasting is one of the most environmentally safe methods as glass media abrasive is considered a safe blasting material
  • This is pharmaceutically approved too as the silicon free medium evades any health issues like lung illness
  • Some glass media can be reused many times (like 30 times). This reusing/recycling ability for glass beads make the glass bead blasting method an economical one
  • Aesthetically the metal surface gets a smooth, satin, matte finish that is appealing
  • Effects a channeled and smooth finish on a variety of metal surfaces like stainless steel, Aluminium and many other common metals

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