High Pressure Blasting

Our industrial high-pressure blasting cleaning services eliminate dirt and any unnecessary materials from structures and surfaces, including tanks, bridges, buildings, engineering amenities and more in this line of work.

The high-speed, agile water from the high-pressure water blasting system produces amazing benefits for cleaning, surface preparation, and cutting purposes. The energy created by the high-pressure water jet surpasses the bonding energy of even the most coherent/adherent coatings, sclaes or process impurities.

At Impact Glass Beading, we offer the best high-pressure water blasting system that is highly automated, equipped with specialized water guns and different configuration nozzles that’d suit the purpose. The automation in a large way helps reduce time and labor, which adds to your savings. We also ensure low usage of water that leaves less disposal issues.

The chloride residue is at a very minimal level and hence proving environmental friendly too. The lesser downtime and the easier maintenance options make high-pressure water suitable for a range of Industrial applications at an affordable cost.

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