Powder Coating

Powder coating is used both for protective as well as decorative purposes. It is a very safe and dry finishing method that gives you a protective layer on the surface of the metals. This process is mainly used in motor and automobile parts. The powder coating results in a thicker pain than the other conventional blasting processes.

The finish lasts long and is durable, chemical-resistant and rust free. Made up of finely ground pigment/resin particles, this is a good alternative to dry powder blast. The toxicity and the flammability levels are low which are added advantages. The powder coat is applied using a spray gun that ensures the smooth and uniform finish. There are no solvents used in the process that makes powder coating an environmentally safe procedure.

The fact that the coating emits almost zero volatile organic compounds makes it even more eco-friendly. The maintenance of the powder coating spray booths are very simple and no hard solvents need to be used for washing purposes. The thicker powder coat is also 100% reusable/recyclable too. This makes it an economical process. At Impact Glass Beading, we make sure we provide the best powder coating services with minimal cost and lasting finish.

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