Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is an effectual cleaning process that uses high-pressure air for hard surfaces. The sandblasting technique can be used for shaping, smoothing and clear-out hard surfaces, blending and relieving stress of any hard part. This process also cleans rust, and imperfections on metals like steel as an arrangement for various further coatings.

The finish is more like when using sandpaper but just that it has a smoother finish. Sand blasting is widely used on metal surfaces like iron, copper, aluminum, brass and more allied metals. Sand blasting method is very suitable for automotive restoration in instances like a deep rust on the metal surface.

It helps to avoid a lot of labor during the process. The silicon residue in this process usually high, which affects the health if inhaled, so extra care is taken in Impact glass bead to make sure it, is safe without any health hazards.

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